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Updated: Aug 14, 2020

“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” Harry Newman

Time to rip the band aid off and put myself out there. I’m incredibly camera shy, too hard on myself, always finding faults. But my safe place has always been writing, where my thoughts flow freely, without judgement, and the words are scribbled fast to keep up with any direction my mind takes me. Most always, unplanned and an energetic pull to the paper.

Since Covid, I’ve had more time to write. More time to read, think, try new things, and be me. It was that rare moment that we all had to stay home and do nothing. As scary as it was, it was exactly what I needed. The daily grind took its toll, created a routine that prevented free thinking or questioning myself. The race for the clock that kept me bound to a schedule, one that inhibited natural flow and creativity.

With that gift of time, I started asking myself new questions. What did I miss most about life before Covid? What did I miss most about Lumé before Covid? And who am I, am I living a life that represents my dreams? Yeah, I got deep.

These questions led me to a hibernation stage, like a caterpillar going into a cocoon. I wanted to hide away in my pupa, get lost and absorbed by my new thoughts. Nourish them and protect them. Finally put the distractions aside and be present. I always thought I was, but I wasn’t… I was in a race with the clock, constantly checking things off.

So I followed the energy…

I turned off the TV. Put away media. Fasted for 5 days. Dove into books, amazing fictional reads that captivated my mind with stories that opened my heart and changed my energy. The more I read, the more I wrote, and the more I wrote, the more I saw me again. I had forgotten who I was. I knew my labels… daughter, sister, wife, mom, swimmer, business owner, skincare maker, herbalist, environmentalist, clean beauty activist, green living activist, natural health enthusiast, salt lover, tea lover, plant lover, bunny lover, beach girl. I could go on and on with the labels, but they don’t mean anything. In fact, maybe I tried to act a certain way to meet those standards, which is even worse.

After months of cocooning per se, I feel the butterfly coming out. Ready to flap my wings and fly. No labels, no unnecessary expectations, no arbitrary rules. I know who I am, what I love, and what I believe in. I’m present in a way that I’ve never been, and I think I’m finally falling in love with myself. With that love comes acceptance, and the ability to put myself out there without fear. Okay that's a lie, I’ll always ride the wave of fear when exposing myself, but what I feel is sense of surrender.

If I’m gonna fight a fight, lets make it be the one where I get to truly be myself and go after my dreams.

Lumé is an expression of who I am. I suffered with health and my healing journey put me on a label reading path. And when I started reading skincare labels and vitamins labels, I cringed!!!! No wonder my skin needed love. I was starving it. So I followed the infamous Maya Angelou saying...

“When you know better, you do better.”

That’s exactly what I did. I pushed pause, put every product aside, went bare, and started researching. And to no surprise, plants were the answer, so it was easy to get to work making my own products, which I can’t wait to share more about. Becoming a mom upped my game, ensuring I was using the very best ingredients… It wasn’t just me anymore, I had a family to nourish, so no shortcuts. Through this self motivated process, my husband pushed me to put it out there, and thanks to him, you have Lumé!!! The light of life!

But Lumé is ready for more, and so am I. Our skin is more than an expression of beauty, it’s also the messenger for what’s going on in our lives. Yes, putting amazing ingredients on is essential, but so is what’s happening within, and the actions you take every day. Our skin talks to us, and we need to listen to it. Often times, the answer isn’t more products, but instead the elimination of them. Less truly is more. And even more often, what our skin needs comes from lifestyle changes. Not the big ones, the little choices we make every day that add up to having a profound effect on our lives. And that is why I’m writing you today…

Today we add a new element to Lumé...

One where I share with you my thoughts, ideas, experiments, rituals, and other products I use to achieve my natural glow! There’s no limits with this one, as with all my ideas and writing, we will see where the energy flows. My goal with Lumé has always been to share truly organic products that nourish you and change your life. I have the same goal with this, just a different way of nourishing you. Maybe even get you to ask yourself the hard questions and see things different, which I’m hoping you’ll share with me!

So back to the question I asked myself shortly after I cocooned into my healing pupa, “What did I miss the most about Lumé before Covid?” The answer is simple, I missed talking to you!! I loved going to events and meeting you, and sharing our passion for clean and green beauty, natural health, living organically, discussing the health trends, and our love for the environment. I can have all the passion in the world, but it’s when I connect with you that it truly comes to life.

I don’t know when our next event will be, and posting pictures on Instagram is fun and a great way to stay in touch, but I want more. I want to connect and share, learn and grow, motivate and be inspired. So please ride this wave with me, while we discover and explore all the elements of natural beauty, and desire to be the healthiest and most beautiful we can be! Because to me, health is beauty.

Talk soon,

Bev xoxo

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