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lumé : "lü·may"

Derived from the Latin word lümen, meaning "light of life"

Short for the term luminous, meaning "glowing light"


Lumé evokes a sense of light, elegance and beauty - with the use of the sun to extract

medicinal properties from organic plants


Lumé Organic Infusions' mission is to use earthly elements to help people lead happier lives. Our belief is that naturally occurring and organic products are safer and more effective than synthetic products not found in nature. Using plant-based ingredients will not only benefit your skin and health issues, but will offer long term solutions and prevent future problems from happening. Our mission is lasting health, happiness and vibrant skin.

Plants were created for human healing and protection. The beauty of nature is that it offers all ages exactly what they need to thrive


To create products that truly nourish the body with a plant based product line.

Our focus is on problem solving, not symptom treating.

We want all our products to target the source of the problem using the healing power of plants which will result in long term, life changing solutions. By using effective, yet gentle earthly elements, we will be able to continue creating products that will help lead people to a healthier life and healthier, younger looking skin.


a note from Beverly Chung...

I had always been incredibly motivated and passionate about health. I began learning more about dangers of the skincare industry and how it’s consumed with harmful chemicals and toxins, all of which are directly absorbed into our blood. Naturally, I was terrified and I immediately looked for more natural skincare products. Becoming a mother truly pushed this motivation to another level. I wanted to protect my daughter from everything that was out there but still needed to nourish her.


To expand my knowledge and help protect my family, I enrolled in Rosemary Gladstar’s school, The Science and Art of Herbalism. I learned that our skin is the largest organ and what we put on it is directly absorbed into our body. That's when my love for plants truly developed; I was able to blend my passion of making skincare with the art of infusing herbs. I used the most natural energy source on the planet, the sun, to infuse and break down my plants creating nutritious vitamin waters and powerful, anti-aging skincare.


I started creating products that would nourish, heal and protect long term health and beauty. That was the beginning of Lumé Organic Infusions. The word started to spread and more and more people wanted to try real plant-based skincare. Then by using my products, they were not only able to find long term solutions, but feel alive and look amazing from the benefits of true plant-based nutrition.

Now, I absolutely love what I do and am always testing and creating my next new favorite product. I have two beautiful daughters that keep me working towards a cleaner and safer world, and both are little Lumé loving babies. My hope is that people will enjoy them as much as we do, and will learn to trust that plants are the secret to a long and beautiful life.


By using the power of the sun for weeks, we break down the herbs so they are easily absorbed by the body, leading to great health and glowing skin.



Always. You will never get a toxic product from us, did we say never?!


All of the products are always safe for everyone in the family


Every product is solar infused by the beautiful sunshine in Florida


We are always here to help. Call or chat with us, even if you just want to say hi!

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